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idloom-events is a complete and professional tool that manages and automates all key aspects of event management: creation of a dedicated website, registrations, reservations, payments, etc..

Subscription Details 

Eligible organisations can receive one idloom Light license per year, worth 95€/month, accessible to multiple users.

The donated license is limited to one year. The product will cease to function entirely after one year. After termination of the license eligible organisations can request a new donation through SOCIALware, for 5 consecutive years.

Technical requirements

Id-loom events is fully web-based and only requires a browser.

Benefits for Organizations

  • In a few clicks only, idloom-events lets you create a custom website entirely dedicated to your event . Thanks to an integrated content editing tool with predefined templates, you'll be able to publish a complete presentation of your event directly on the website: the speakers list with descriptions, the complete programme, even if your event takes place over the course of several days with multiple sessions, the partners and/or sponsors, as well as all other pages you wish to add to promote your event.
  • Additionally, idloom-events gives you the opportunity to personalise your registration process in order to collect all necessary information you need from your guests; to offer various sessions, workshops, and activities within a single event; to apply different pricing for various categories and options as well as early bird prices and coupons; to offer hotel choices to your guests; and, finally, to offer the widest available range of payment solutions to your guests.
  • idloom-events gives you a real time view of the list of registered participants as well as the status of their registration (payment status, registration category, etc.).
  • idloom-events lets you manage all of your events in one place, free or paid, adapts to each event's characteristics, and saves you the need to maintain this type of application in-house.
  • Specific module allowing you to easily handle last minute registrations at the event venue.
  • idloom-events provides your guests with a hotel room reservation module, in which they can either book their accommodation directly from the event website or be redirected to the hotel room booking provider of your choice
  • If you charge a participation fee, idloom-events lets you decide on the means of payment made available to participants: credit cards, PayPal, Ogone, bank transfers, etc.
  • Attendees are seamlessly checked-in on site via the QR code generated on their confirmation email's attached e-ticket.

Major Capabilities

-       Unlimited free events

-       1 paid event at a time (you can organize several per year, but not simultaneously)

-       Unlimited registrants

-       Unlimited users

-       Online registrations with fully customizable registration forms

-       Complete, multi-page event websites (fully branded)

-       E-ticketing

-       On site check-in (with a QR code reader app)

-       Automatic confirmation emails

-       Data export

-       Event duplication

-       Statistics dashboard

-       Personalized branding (website, emails, and all documents sent to registrants)

-       Advanced pricing options

-       Early bird & coupons

-       Invoices & credit notes (fully customizable)

-       Zapier integration (seamlessly syncs your event attendees with your CRM or other tools)


Beneficiaries of idloom-event donations can use technical support options presented on the idloom-events website.

Choose Carefully

SOCIALware cannot refund the administrative fee for this product or exchange it for another product.

Obtaining This Product

When SOCIALware approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.

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