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The Google Non-Profits offer provides free-of-charge access to non-profit products, tools, and Google services, specifically tailored to non-profit organizations. These offers will help non-profits to find new donors and volunteer supporters and to make their work as efficient as possible.


  • G Suite (formerly Google Apps): Get free access to Google Apps for Work. These are different cloud services that you can use for your office administration, such as Gmail, Google Documents, Tables, Calendar, Presentations, Forms / Surveys, Chat, Drive (Google's data storage system), and websites
  • Google Ad Grants: Google Ad Grants provides your nonprofit organization a budget for online advertising worth up to $ 10,000 a month. This allows you to optimally position your website with keywords or catchwords on Google search results pages.
  • Premium YouTube version: With the premium version of YouTube, your nonprofit organization has the opportunity to choose custom thumbnails as well as create 'call-to-action overlays' for your video footage on YouTube, along with a significantly expanded data capacity for uploads.


How to order ?

Google for non-profits is provided directly through Google. SOCIALware validates the eligibility of your organisation for these services on behalf of Google. For this reason, youcan not order Google for Nonprofits directly via our shopping cart.

To sign up for the Google for Nonprofits program, visit the Google for Nonprofits website. You will be asked for a SOCIALware validation token that will inform Google if your organization is qualified. If you are not yet registered with SOCIALware, you will be asked to do so first. 

You can find out more about these offers at:

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